Prayer Request

Prayer requests are compiled each Sunday and are prayed for throughout the week every day by prayer ministry servants. Contact the church office to submit a prayer request or CLICK HERE, and include information such as:

--Can the prayer request be shared throughout the church, or should it be kept confidential?

--Do you hope that we will do any specific follow-up (call, visit, etc.), and if so, what is your hope?

Thanks for bringing joys and requests to our Lord in faith!




We baptize children, youth, and adults as they respond to God's grace to receive God's forgiveness and eternal life, and we baptize infants and young children as their parents respond to God's grace on their behalf. The ceremony can be performed in any of the three Sunday worship services.

Contact Suzie Smith-Rios in the church office to set up a baptism consultation with a pastor at 614-878-4530 or


Our pastors can perform weddings for people within and beyond our local church community in our sanctuary, chapel, family life center, or at your other preferred location. Premarital counseling and some level of contact or participation in our congregation is required.

Email our wedding coordinator, Ms. Billie Norris, for more information at

Building Usage

Contact the church office to discuss using the building for your event. Various rooms can be reserved and used for free for church ministries. Please call 614.878.4530 or email us at

CLICK HERE for a Downloadable Building Usage Form