What are Life Groups?

Life groups are a small assemblage of people for the purpose of sharing life together, learning about good spiritual habits, and supporting one another in all that life brings. 

It may have a focus on studying the Bible, Biblical practices, and/or the sharing and caring for one another. 

They meet regularly so that all can experience the transformation that happens when one is in an inclusive community with a mission and consistently communing together. 

For more information about Life Groups at Columbia Heights, or if you are interested in starting, leading, or hosting a Life Group please contact Adrienne Seymour at 614-878-6612 or sey200bva@aol.com

Church Directory

We've recently switched to an online Church Directory service with Breeze Church Management. Check your email to create and edit your account. 

Once you've created your account you may click on the link below to be taken to their website again to login and edit your account as needed. Once most of the church has had a chance to setup their account you'll be able to access the church directory online.

You can click on the website link below or the "Log In Here" bubble to the left to log into your breeze account.



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