Below are various resources at your finger tips. You have access to our online directory (log-in required), gain free access to our RightNow Media streaming service, send us your prayer requests, get a copy of our newsletter, sign up to receive weekly information through our phone system, or order altar flowers for a Sunday. 

There are also other resources available to you. Under the Calendar tab you will find our church google calendar; Under the Scheduling tab you will find information on how to rent out space for an event, and how to schedule a baptism, or a wedding; Finally under the Job Opportunities tab you will see what available job positions we have open and how you can apply.

Church Directory

We've recently switched to an online Church Directory service with Breeze Church Management. Check your email to create and edit your account. 

Once you've created your account you may click on the link below to be taken to their website again to login and edit your account as needed. Once most of the church has had a chance to setup their account you'll be able to access the church directory online.

You can click on the website link below or the "Log In Here" bubble to the left to log into your breeze account.

Right now media

Are you aware that you have access to an array of resources just by being a friend or member of Columbia Heights Church?  Are there new book studies, videos or other media you have wanted to view, but could not afford to purchase?  We want you to have all these things and more available to you to further your discipleship to Jesus. 


Anyone associated with our church can create an account by clicking on the link below or using your QR Code reader app on your phone which gives you direct access.  The church pays for this resource and we want to make sure we are getting our money’s worth!  Life groups can access teachings and videos.  You have access to brand new materials right when they are launched.


If you have questions about how to create an account or just want suggestions on ways to use this resource, please contact the church office  at or call at 614-878-4530.


If viewing digitally, just click on the link below and set up your account today!


Prayer Request

Prayer requests are compiled each Sunday and are prayed for throughout the week every day by prayer ministry servants. Contact the church office to submit a prayer request or CLICK HERE, and include information such as:

--Can the prayer request be shared throughout the church, or should it be kept confidential?

--Do you hope that we will do any specific follow-up (call, visit, etc.), and if so, what is your hope?

Thanks for bringing joys and requests to our Lord in faith!

Phone: 614.878.4530



If you wish to be "In The Know" of what is happening around the church on a regular basis, we invite you to join our Email and/or Call list. It is an easy and great way to keep plugged into what's happening here in the church.

CLICK HERE to Join Our Email/Call List

Altar Flowers

You can order Altar flowers any time of the year, just fill out an Altar Flower form (Just click on the link below), and return it to the office with your payment attached. Please have orders in by the Wednesday of the week you wish to have them displayed; this is to ensure your order is received in time to be put into the bulletin. If you have any questions please contact our Office Administrator at:

Please click hear to view the Altar Flowers Order Form.