General Church Calendar

Important News:

Ash Wednesday Service

Our Ash Wednesday Service will be on February 26th at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary. This service is the beginning of the Lenten season and helps us to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of our lives. During the service you will have the opportunity to have your forehead or hand marked with the cross from the ashes of blessed palms from Palm Sunday. We hope you can join us.

Office Volunteers Needed

We are in need of office volunteers to help out during the week answering phones, greeting people, receiving occasional packages, minor computer work (if capable), etc. We need volunteers for Monday from 9am-12pm, Tuesday from 9am—12pm, & Friday from 9am –12pm. Included in your bulletin is a sign up sheet where you can put your contact information and available day that you can help. If you have any questions please call Kara Pratt in the office at 614-878-4530.

Friendly Reminders


You can order Altar flowers any time of the year, just fill out an Altar Flower form and return it to the office with your payment attached. Please have orders in by the Wednesday of the week you wish to have them displayed; this is to ensure your order is received in time to be written in the bulletin.


Prayer request sheets are available at the welcome desk, if you would like to take a copy home and include them in your prayers

POP TAB Collection Program

You may have noticed the little cardboard Ronald McDonald House box in the front lobby counter. We as a church participate in the Pop Tab Program, and so we are in need of pop tabs! The more we collect the more we can help out the RMHC program so that they can help families in need! You can collect and bring in the aluminum tabs off pop cans, soup cans, pet food cans, and vegetable cans. Just place them in the boxes, or you can bring them into the office and we will put them where they need to go. This is a great opportunity to help out those in need, and a great way of recycling too!